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Muzzle it! No biting!

  Ok I may upset some people with this blog, but I have to say with the day we've had I don't care. Quite simply if you know your dog is aggressive and reactionary train it, get professional help or muzzle it. There are lots of really good trainers out there that can help deal with any aggression issues, whatever the cause, be it fear or simply bullying. There are also nice soft muzzles that you can buy that will not harm your dog but protect it and you. Dogs that are out of control and aggressive are a danger and could land you in court and possibly your dog being put down. Why take the risk and why not help your...

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Pet safety and Covid 19

    There is a lot of worry about pets and Covid 19 - will they carry it, will they pass it on etc. etc. Well yes there has been one isolated case of a cat catching Covid from it's owner - note that it was the cat catching it and not the cat passing it on. But this is an isolated case and it doesn't seem from what the science says that pets can pass the virus to us.  What they can do of course is carry the virus on their coats, just as we can pick it up on our hands, they can pick it up on their coats, when people stroke them and when they brush against...

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