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Doggy tour guide

Well hello all! Bronwyn (CCO) here. How are you? Don't I just look the perfect tour guide? "On your left ladies, gentlemen and dogs you will find ...." BOL! Anyways hope you've had a fabulous bank holiday weekend and done lots of lovely things. I went walkies and saw seriously tall plants. I mean I thought they were triffids or something!  That's the thing you see you can find amazing things all over the place. The triffids were in an old quarry that has been made into a botanical garden on the edge of the Peak District. Imagine that? Using space to make something beautiful and full of lovely sniffs! Bliss.   So on the doggy tour guide front the advice...

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Taking time to smell the roses..... ok we know their Rhododendrons!

We all have busy lives and sometimes struggle to find a good balance. Let's not even go there with the B word - No Bron I don't mean you I mean Brexit!. But we aren't going there or to the stress and worry that uncertainty causes.  What helps us is time with our fabulous CCO (Chief Canine Officer, Bron). She is our chief product tester, stress therapist and personal trainer. (By which we mean she gets us out for exercise, because it's in our dog-human contract). She also makes us laugh and inspired us to achieve.  She is the inspiration behind the company, travelling with her made us want a quality and easy solution for us and a comfortable solution for her....

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We won the Theo Paphitis #SBS Award!

We are delighted to tell you all that on Monday 28th March 2016 Rovernighter got named by the experienced entrepreneur and ex-Dragon, Theo Paphitis as one of the companies he has awarded with his Small Business Sunday #SBS Award.  The award recognised businesses and products that the entrepreneur finds worthy of note. It also means that we have been invited into the #sbs winners club.  We are delighted to have won this honour and to have Theo's endorsement for our fabulous product and brand.  As you can see our Chief Canine Officer (CCO) @bron_lucas is taking it all in her stride and just resting in her Rovernighter after all the excitement of our win.   

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