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Taking time to smell the roses..... ok we know their Rhododendrons!

We all have busy lives and sometimes struggle to find a good balance. Let's not even go there with the B word - No Bron I don't mean you I mean Brexit!. But we aren't going there or to the stress and worry that uncertainty causes.  What helps us is time with our fabulous CCO (Chief Canine Officer, Bron). She is our chief product tester, stress therapist and personal trainer. (By which we mean she gets us out for exercise, because it's in our dog-human contract). She also makes us laugh and inspired us to achieve.  She is the inspiration behind the company, travelling with her made us want a quality and easy solution for us and a comfortable solution for her....

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£25 off your Rovernighter this May

Save money and time! Get £25 off your best friends' best travel product during May 2019.  Enter the code Spring19 at checkout to get £25 off your standard Rovernighter, offer only available from May 21st 2019 - June 20th 2019. So don't lose out on all that easy travelling summer fun with your pet, buy today before the offer expires.  Happy travels!  Love The Rovernighter Team 

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Vets give the Rovernighter the thumbs up

We have been talking to lots of people about the Rovernighter since we launched earlier this year and the thing we have noticed that people love it, and that all the vets we speak to really like it. We're not just talking one vet, or our vet here, but all of them we talk to. We've had vets asking us for our leaflets, so they can put it in their surgeries and let people know such a thing exists.  What they like about it isn't just the convenience for you as an owner, but the quality of the material we have used, which apart from being strong, we have ensured it is made from dog friendly material (and not made...

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