Muzzle it! No biting!


Ok I may upset some people with this blog, but I have to say with the day we've had I don't care. Quite simply if you know your dog is aggressive and reactionary train it, get professional help or muzzle it. There are lots of really good trainers out there that can help deal with any aggression issues, whatever the cause, be it fear or simply bullying.

There are also nice soft muzzles that you can buy that will not harm your dog but protect it and you. Dogs that are out of control and aggressive are a danger and could land you in court and possibly your dog being put down. Why take the risk and why not help your dog to be happier and not a court statistic. 

So why this blog and why today? What's happened? Well quite simply I was on a lovely walk with our Chief Canine Officer (CCO) Bron, today in the woods pottering about. Bron is now 10 and half so she's how shall we say it nicely, a more mature lady and she's a happy little hound. There we were walking along and these women came up behind us, Bron was sniffing around minding her own business and their dog starts lungeing and snapping at Bron. Bron of course being a terrier starts shouting back. The woman was 'My dog's aggressive can you call her.' Which I did, however, it was a bit late as the dog had bitten Bron by then. So our relaxing Sunday morning walk was shattered as I was now dealing with blood and an upset Bron. 

The ear was still bleeding when we got home 25 minutes later. Luckily the wound isn't too bad and should heal ok. Bron has been really subdued all day and to be honest she seems slightly traumatised having been set on for no reason. I know it could have been a lot worse and needed veterinary assistance. Quite simply it could have been avoided if the owner of that dog had taken preventative action. 

If you know your dog is aggressive do something about it. Train it or muzzle it and don't take it on a popular dog walk where you will meet tens or even dozens of dogs. It only takes one wrong move for your aggressive dog to bite the wrong dog or the wrong person, for you to lose your dog for good and potentially land yourself with someone else's vet bill or even in court. I for one would feel devastated if my dog hurt anyone and I know most people would feel the same. If you don't want that simply save yourself the hassle and put a muzzle on it. 

Ruth and a healing up Bron. 

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