Vets give the Rovernighter the thumbs up

We have been talking to lots of people about the Rovernighter since we launched earlier this year and the thing we have noticed that people love it, and that all the vets we speak to really like it. We're not just talking one vet, or our vet here, but all of them we talk to. We've had vets asking us for our leaflets, so they can put it in their surgeries and let people know such a thing exists. 

What they like about it isn't just the convenience for you as an owner, but the quality of the material we have used, which apart from being strong, we have ensured it is made from dog friendly material (and not made from material that has ever been tested on animals), so it won't cause them any harm and is cruelty free. Vets especially like the fact that as it smells of home it helps to calm and make a dog more content. Being so portable you can use it all the time, not just on holiday, but any time you take the dog for more than just a walk around the park.

Vets know the importance of reducing animal stress and have noted Rovernighter is a product which can help do this. One vet we spoke to is even recommending it to his sister for her dog. 

We know its a fab product and we are glad to see vets recognising it as something to help the dog as well as the human have a fab time. 

We've made it as a quality item, a real investment piece, for you and your dog, saving you time, money and stress. We think that in itself is priceless and we are so pleased that the vets recognise this too. 

Sending you and your dogs hugs. 


Ruth, Bron and the Rovernighter Team x

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