Pet travel tips

I know this looks like our CCO is in the Carribean - believe it or not this is Barry Island, near Cardiff. (Yes that's right Barry of Gavin and Stacey fame). There are so many fab places to visit with your dog.

Summer is fast approching and you want to get out and have fun with your best friend and visit some of these great places. Just remember that your pet needs to be prepared and comfortable to travel happily with you. We hope these tips help. 

1 Don't feed your pet immediately before travelling - it may make them feel ill on the journey. 

2. Make sure they can have regular access to water - plan your journey ahead and know where you can stop for them to have a drink and a toilet break 

3. Carry a pet travel kit - with their favourite things in and emergency supplies. A Rovernighter is perfect for that job. 

4. Make sure you dog has a collar and ID tag on with your contact details on so if he/she gets lost you can be reunited quickly. Also make sure you dog it microchipped and all the details are up to date. 

5. Make sure you find a vet in the area you visit - hopefully you won't need it, but be prepared just in case. 


Above all make sure you have fun and take some pics of the adventures you have together and please share them with us  

Happy travels. 

The Rovernigher Team 

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