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VOOM TV and Huffington Post feature us!

So Bron and I are in VOOM and there are 4894 pitches in VOOM 2016. We got picked to be one of 10 to be featured in the national publicity. Which basically means are in the 0.002% of those chosen to appear for our invention the fabulous Rovernighter (the travel bag that converts to a bed for dogs). Saving you time, space and stress. The publicity got on the TV and in the national and international news and our pic got featured as the pic of the day in the Huff Post! Check it out above. Bronwyn will be expecting only very high value treats now. She was however, an absolute star on filming day and impressed all the others...

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Our Bron is a Virgin Business Cover Girl #Model!!!

  You know when you Google yourself to see what comes up? Well we were doing that the other night and got a bit of a shock. No we aren't a Harvard Professor of Law or an Australian Equine Dentist, master criminal or even a local dance team finalist. Go on try and guess what we found.... We found our Chief Canine Officer (Bron) featured as a face of Virgin Businesses VOOM 2016 and our product getting a name check as one of the excellent entries they've had for the competition.  Well now we don't want to let that go to our Bron's head, though we have to say she is special and very pretty. It's just brilliant to know people like...

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