Bron faces the Dragon's at Christmas - will Peter and Deborah love our little Welshie



Bronwyn our CCO gets everywhere you know and you will have the chance to see her today in her full glory on BBC2, when she faces the Dragon's in the Christmas edition of the Den. 

Before anyone asks we can't tell you yet how we got on, but you can find out on BBC2 at 9pm (Wed 28th Dec). All we can say is Bron was the star of the show and didn't put a paw wrong. In fact that Dragon's commented she was the best trained dog they had ever meet. 

I've been asked what we had to do to apply to go on the Den, but we didn't apply, they contacted us, as they thought the Rovernighter was such an interesting an exciting prospect they wanted to give the Dragon's the chance to see it and meet our beautiful Bron. 

Hope you enjoy the show.


Love the Rovernighter Team aka Bronwyn's staff!  

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