First Rovernighter Raves/Newsfeed

We are so excited to make the first entry on our blog “Rovernighter Raves’. In these Raves Bronwyn our CCO (Chief Canine Officer) and Ruth our MD will be reviewing and raving about the fab products and services that we come across on our travels, products we carry and also places and people that make our pet loving hearts sing.

Bron will give you a pets eye view of them and is a tough doggy tester, if a toy can stand up to her terrier tenacity we know its good. Ruth has less teeth and is more verbal, so she will be giving you the owners opinion of products and services. She knows a thing or two about finding the right product to keep her pet happy.

Ruth and her dog Bronwyn

We are thrilled to be sharing our thoughts with you and are excited about launching our site and the pre-order for our fabulous all in one travel product for pets. The Rovernighter launches on Tuesday 3rd November 2015 (Bronwyn’s 5th Birthday, this pampered pooch, gets a whole company as a present! not spoilt much then!). The Rovernighter is a unique holdall that converts to a bed. Allowing you to take your pet away without fuss and bother. Check out the product on our page, it answers all your pet travel needs, making your life easier and giving your pet its home from home comforts. The smart solution for the dog about town, dashing around in her Rovernighter convertible – Bron loves hers as you can see from her pic!

Bronwyn the dog in her rovernighter bed

Look out for our next rave piece where we will be reviewing our launch party and sharing some pics and gossip from the party.

The gossip comes from Bron (she’s a bit of a talker that girl and loves nothing more than to be in on all the action). So watch out of the dog’s eye view of the world,

Welcome to our Rovernighter world, the smart dog knows it makes sense!

Signing off for now Ruth and Bron xx


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