VOOM TV and Huffington Post feature us!

So Bron and I are in VOOM and there are 4894 pitches in VOOM 2016. We got picked to be one of 10 to be featured in the national publicity. Which basically means are in the 0.002% of those chosen to appear for our invention the fabulous Rovernighter (the travel bag that converts to a bed for dogs). Saving you time, space and stress.

The publicity got on the TV and in the national and international news and our pic got featured as the pic of the day in the Huff Post! Check it out above. Bronwyn will be expecting only very high value treats now. She was however, an absolute star on filming day and impressed all the others so much. The best entrant by far is our Bron (no bias there though obvs!)

Check us out on this video at 1.40-2.44mins - he says even a dog (but I say including Bron the famous Welshie). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noOn7Hzmubk&feature=youtu.be

There is still time to vote and pledge for us in VOOM vote closes Monday 23rd May though, so please, please - vote now at bit.ly/Rovernighter - you know it makes sense Mr Branson and his team know we are awesome, after we have been picked be in their top 0.002%!

Have a great weekend, vote, pledge, spread the word and check out why Richard thinks we are so fabulous and are the gift every dog wants. 


Ruth and Bron xx

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