Our Bron is a Virgin Business Cover Girl #Model!!!


You know when you Google yourself to see what comes up? Well we were doing that the other night and got a bit of a shock. No we aren't a Harvard Professor of Law or an Australian Equine Dentist, master criminal or even a local dance team finalist. Go on try and guess what we found....

We found our Chief Canine Officer (Bron) featured as a face of Virgin Businesses VOOM 2016 and our product getting a name check as one of the excellent entries they've had for the competition. 

Well now we don't want to let that go to our Bron's head, though we have to say she is special and very pretty. It's just brilliant to know people like Richard Branson and his team think we are great. We know we have a great product and business, but to get the Virgin endorsement proves we are doing something right.  

Now before Bron gets into too much of a diva strop (she is planning world domination we think and will be wanting her own daytime TV show and demanding she only drinks mineral water from the Fjords before we know it),  please vote for us in VOOM, you can't let that little face down. Let's face it she has to get through to the next round, she is one of the faces of the competition.  I don't know how we could cope with telling her she isn't meeting Richard if we don't! Would you want to break it to her?  

So make her little doggy dream come true and vote for us, you know Mr Branson can't be wrong, and I'm sure he would love to meet her too. Voting is simple and only takes a minute and remember to verify your vote with Facebook or LinkedIn. We are also crowd funding during the competition, so we can expand the range and give you more choice. So if you want to contribute please do, however large or small, we are grateful as it all helps.

Bron sends you all her best. 

Voting is only open for a short time, it closes on 23rd May 2016 so vote for us NOW by using the link http://bit.ly/Rovernighter  


Many thanks 

Ruth x

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